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Yes, it is. We use a specialist third party company to make arrangements with your mortgage lender, with your consent.

If we believe that selling your property to us is not the best solution for you, we will tell you. If we can't agree​ to a price, we will do what is possible to help you resolve your property problem. We do not charge for our time and if there is no agreement then both parties will just walk away from the transaction.

Is it really possible to take over mortgage payments?

Can you help if there is no equity in the property?

The discount range depends on many factors, type/condition of the property, market condition, local rental demand and a number of other factors. We take into consideration the amount of equity in the property. Our discount range from 

10 - 35% below true market value but sometimes we pay 110% above market value.

What if the property is in need of refurbishment?

 What is your discount range? 

If we can't agree a price what then?

landlords: frequently asked questions

Properties with no equity are a common issue we have tailored made solutions for each case. These solutions often depend on the circumstance of the landlord and levels of flexibility.

We will need to check the appropriated tenancy agreement is in place before we make our final decision.

We can purchase one property or a portfolio of properties. We would look at all situations on its own merit.

do you pay in cash?

That's not a problem. We are continually refurbishing properties and have a professional team on hand to undertake superficial or major refurbishment projects. Naturally, we will expect the amount of work needed to be reflected in the final agreed price.

We have many property transactions in progress, some we pay in cash and others with a mortgage. If you are looking for a cash settlement it can be accommodated

What if the property is tenanted, is that a problem?

How many properties can you purchase?